Laser Therapy

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Laser therapy. Laser light is amplified by stimulated emission of radiation. Features which is characterized by the laser is self colored, consistency, parallelism and intensity. The laser uses a laser beam to stimulate the process of tissue without damaging healthy tissue. Biostimulation allows you to regenerate cell membranes of bone and soft. Laser therapy has been used in many clinical disciplines (sports medicine, orthopedics, rheumatology, neurology, dermatology).

Indications for laser therapy:
• Degenerative arthritis
• Gout,
• Subacute and chronic inflammation of soft tissues, joints and periarticular tissues.
• It is hard to heal skin wounds, pressure sores, surgical wounds, ulcers and skin grafts, scars, acne,
• Impaired bone union,
• neuralgia and myalgia.
• United musculoskeletal injuries (dislocations, sprains, bruises, fractures)
• Swelling,
• Periodontal disease,
• Diseases of the musculoskeletal system including rheumatoid substrate,
• Calcaneal spur,
• Facial nerve palsy,
• Carpal tunnel syndrome,
• Other.

Contraindications for laser therapy:
• Cancer (during treatment and a history)
• Fever,
• Pregnancy,
• Epilepsy,
• Hyperthyroidism,
• Allergy to light,
• Active pulmonary tuberculosis,
• Fibrous mastopathy breast,
• Uncompensated diabetes,
• Gastrointestinal bleeding.
• Exposure endocrine ext. and eyeballs,
• Sharp, generalized bacterial diseases, viral and fungal infections,
• Concomitant use of steroid medications, anticoagulants, gold,
• Menstruation (treatments in the lumbosacral spine and abdomen)
• Implanted pacemakers and other implants electrical treatments (in the area)
• Damage to the skin by UV radiation, X-rays and ionizing
• Therapy cytostatic drugs, immunosuppressive and containing arsenic,
• The state of general exhaustion,
• Other contraindications as the radiation lamp Sollux.

laser treatment

In the office I have available point probe infrared (830 nm – for irradiating tissue deeper), with a power of 100 mW.

Duration of the treatment 10 minutes.

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