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I offer arrival the patient.

Medical Rehabilitation and Biological Regeneration

I am happy to take care of your health, beauty and well-being through my professional massage and rehabilitation treatments. I guarantee you effectiveness, because I lead medical rehabilitation with the use of safe and reliable methods, which are: manul therapy, massage and individually selected kinesitherapy treatments. I will advise you how to manage a healthy life. I will relase you and your beloved ones from pain and fatigue, giving you a lot of positive energy. Give yourself a chance and to take advantage of health and medical rehabilitation treatments. By availing of my wellness treatments regularly, such a Swedish Massage (Classic Massage) or strengthening and stretching exercises, you will maintain achieved results and general well-being. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cur.

Manual Soft Tissue Therapy

If you are looking EFFECTIVE AND FAST WAY bringing tangible results, on alleviating the pain and regain mobility, to contact me and save on manual therapy treatments. It is a form of manual bodywork based on a variety of techniques, myofascial, joint mobilizations and treatment of trigger points.


If you want to regain your health, rest or relax, if you want to restore your sense of peacefulness and enjoy your life, please contact me and make an appointment for your massage treatmnet now. A wide range of massages offered: from a relaxing massage and beauty massage by massage slimming-modeling and health prevention treatments to various types of therapeutic massages, all to suite your needs.

Physiotherapy: Massages, Kinesitherapy, Special Methods of Physiotherapy,

I invite you to check my Physiotherapy Offer section. If you are unsure what type of massage or physiotherapy is best for you, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will help you to make the best decision.

Physiotherapist, Masseur, Therapist Manual Soft Tissue

I work as a massage therapist since 2006, and as a physiotherapist since 2010. Since 2015, I specialize in soft tissue manual therapy. My skills, knowledge and experience are now at your service. Albert Einstein said once, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile”. These words trully reflect my passion to physiotherapist profession and my satisfaction of helping other people.

LuksMasaż in English means LuxMassage!

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