Other Massages

When performing massage, depending on individual needs, I use the following forms of massage specialist:
1) Isometric Massage – involves intensive massaging muscles during isometric contraction (muscle tone without performing motion in the joint, that is, without shortening the length of the muscle). This favors above all, the development of strength and muscle mass, without unnecessary burden weakened parts of the body. An additional effect of this procedure is that the recovery of muscle tissue at the expense of body fat, intense grinding carried out in the massage contribute to a reduction in cellulite. Isometric massage consists of three phases: initial phase proper and final phase (during the initial phase and the final predominate techniques of stroking, rubbing and kneading, which are performed on the relaxed muscle). It is used sports massage and slimming.
2) Contralateral Massage – is based on the intersection traffic vasomotor (principle of synergism). Massaging the healthy limb, thanks to physiological reflex activates in approx. 30% of the blood flow and nerve impulses in the affected limb, which can not be massaged. Its increased congestion affects better nutrition and therefore a faster healing process. Massage is a very intensive kneading, grinding a healthy limb, the limb height trauma patient. All the techniques we use on the verge of pain, which is an absolute condition of reflex responses in diseased limb. The indications for massage contralateral are all kinds of damage to the tissues of the limbs, where eg. Applied dressing prevents the execution of any treatments accelerate the healing process.
3) Intraarticular Massage – this treatment is used after joint injuries (contusions, sprains, etc.) And for injuries of periarticular. Massage is performed converge to the joint space, in two stages (preparatory and right). This treatment increases the temperature of the joint massaged, the blood flow is increased and the amount of nutrients.

“Precious health, nobody would know, as you taste, you broke Until”
Jan Kochanowski

medical massage 1

Intraarticular massage.

4) Japanese massage – a treatment based on the basics of the eastern massage. This massage is useful for improving the well-being by reducing muscle tension and joint mobilization calls. This treatment is based on the movements of kneading-compression and traction and mobilization of the joints. This massage is doing on the mat / mattress. The patient should be dressed, preferably in a comfortable and fit body suit – pants and shirt with long sleeves or a jacket (preferably with lycra material type or similar). Knowledge of podstawch perform this surgery won in the framework of the “Special Methods in Physiotherapy” during the Masters.