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I warmly welcomemasseur

My name is Łukasz Skrzypkowski. With massage treatments encountered due to injury of the spine, which broke my sporting career. After a year of suffering, I began to attend therapeutic massage. At first I was skeptical to this form of treatment. However, after the first surgery, I felt that there would be improvement – I learned about the healing power of massage. Again I began to enjoy life.

So I learned on their own skin about the effectiveness of massage and other treatments in the field of rehabilitation and natural medicine. Massage has become my passion, I deepened their knowledge of the manual methods of treatment. I graduated from massage courses and professional studies in physiotherapy. In this way massage, which restore my joy of life, has also become my profession.

My passion, my profession

Training in classical massage finished in April 2005. I train constantly and I earn additional degrees of knowledge of specialized massage and rehabilitation. I obtained a Bachelor of physiotherapy on WSEiT in Szczecin and MSc Physiotherapy on PUM in Szczecin. I graduated in the field of Manual Therapy for Soft Tissue on WSEiT in Poznan. Successively I attend the next courses in techniques of rehabilitation. With this knowledge, supported with full dedication and passion assure the highest quality massage and rehabilitation, and I guarantee that, the results and benefits of my services will be obvious and clearly felt.

I worked on the position of masseur in fitness clubs in clinic rehabilitation. From July 2006. I carried out in Poland in private practice in the field of massage and rehabilitation. Currently, I run the company “LuksMasaz Ltd”, which executes orders for individual customers and corporations in the field of physiotherapy and massage in the EU.

I am a responsible, patient, thorough, flexible, high technical expertise and physical fitness. These facts mean that by offering physiotherapy can help others overcome their health problems. I assure friendly service and treatments tailored to individual needs, that you were fully satisfied.

physiotherapistProfessional equipment and accessories

Without proper professional equipment and accessories, decreases the comfort of treatment. Therefore, treatments for doing high-quality massage table reputable company. I use also of the best additions to facilitate and support massage as creams, oils, essential oils and others. On request, I choose for you relaxation music.




Łukasz Skrzypkowski
Master of Physiotherapy, The Therapist Manual Soft Tissue, The Massage Therapist

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile”
Albert Einstein