Segmental Massage

This is an effective form of therapeutic massage, which is particularly useful in the treatment of diseases of internal organs but also successfully used the massage for the treatment of organ motion. It is based on relationships nerve existing between certain areas of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle tissue, as well as vessels and internal organs, innervated from the same segment of the spinal cord. In this type of massage are used special tricks and techniques that allow you to get the intended therapeutic effect (eg. Holds: screwing, on the spinous processes, sawing, on the inguinal ligament, bladder and pubic symphysis, springing chest and others). These techniques are directed to changes in muscle tissue, connective tissue, skin and periosteum.

“Nobody Health does not taste until disease which taste”
Bertrand Saadi of Shiraz

This form of therapeutic massage, not charged as therapeutic massage – classic, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. As a result, segmental massage, can be used in people who have problems with heart failure and pneumonia.

Indication massage segmental include: functional disorders of smooth muscle insufficiency of peripheral circulation, pulmonary and pleural disease, duodenal and intestinal diseases, liver and gall bladder, kidney and bladder, sciatica, headaches, spinal and others.

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