Medical Massage

massage therapist CorkIt is based on the techniques of Classic/Swedish massage (stroking, rubbing, kneading longitudinal vibration and compression). The massage is performed from a dry (no slip agents). If this is too much stimulus can possibly use means that only at the beginning of treatment they give the slip, then quickly absorbed (some creams and lotions). The main objective is the treatment of certain disorders of the body through manual treatments (defined moves, tricks and techniques) intended to produce a therapeutic effect, eg. Therapeutic massage of the spine is to restore mobility of the vertebrae and their proper position. Especially indicated for curvature of the spine, scoliosis, overloads. It works relaxing and toning muscles of the back.

“Pain relief is a divine thing”

When do you get the head and neck, your shoulders are tense and sore, you feel pain radiating to the limbs or suffering from other disease associated with organ motion and not only, and painkillers bring only short-term improvement, you need something more effective. You need a treatment that is directed to the cause of the pain and thus eliminate its effects. Need treatment, which after the first screening can reduce your pain and bring you the will to live. Such treatment is the therapeutic massage.

This massage to bring the desired effect, performed in series. The basic series is 10 to 20 massages performed every day or every two or three days. The frequency of treatments, however, is a matter of advancement of the disease and an individual determination of the masseur. After completion of a series of treatments is recommended continued use of the massage treatments (maintenance, performed 2 to 4 times a month) – then you can expect sustainable effects of its therapeutic effect.

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