PNF – Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

PNF is a philosophy and concept kinesitherapy based on such exercises / movements that teach and improve the operation of the neuromuscular system. Special exercises (movement patterns), performed in the data positions (in lying, sitting, standing, walking), allow you to stimulate sensory receptors (deep sensibility) in the human body (in the joints, muscles, tendons).

PNF exercises 1Work by PNF concept, therefore, it is a comprehensive approach to the patient. Not only focuses on a single body structure, a local dysfunction. The aim is to extract the patient’s untapped potential – mobilizing reserves functional. So as, to the greatest / most possible extent he was independent.

This form of kinesiotherapy is perfect for improving patients neurological, orthopedic and trauma.

Proprioceptive – for stimulation of receptors of the body.
Neuromuscular – The activating structure of the neuromuscular.
Facilitation – facilitating, targeting of.



PNF exercises 2 PNF exercises

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