Sports Massage

In this massage, it used primarily art grinding and kneading (approx. 80% of the time) performed very intensively. It is an essential element in the process of training, startup, and post-traumatic competitive athletes, but also increasingly popular procedure among amateur athletes. It allows combat the effects of fatigue caused by exercise. Massage tired muscles helps him to relax, regenerate and prevent later damage. This is necessary in situations where athletes need to make the effort before they can relax, eg. In a multi-stage cycling races or multi-day tournaments.

Due to differences in physical and mental stress, which occurs in athletes, at various times during training and competition, sports massage can be divided into:
· Massage Training: The aim is to develop and improve the ability of the player to the exercise, by improving the function of the body.
· Massage before the competition: is performed after the training cycle. It should cover the entire body. Aims to improve the psycho-physical capabilities of the competitor and, depending on its nature, stimulate or soothe him.
· Massage starter: divided into: a) prior to exercise – is to stimulate soft tissue (muscles, ligaments and tendons), by stroking and rubbing to make better use of oxygen, shortening the warm-up process and preventing injury. b) between exercise – used during breaks in the competition, in order to maintain high readiness home player. c) after the exercise – a regenerative massage, the operation of which exceeds 2-3 times the activity of rest outward. It aims to drain waste products from the tissues into the bloodstream, contributing significantly to shorten the recovery period competitor.
· Massage supporting: is used during a break from regular physical activity, eg. At the end of the season or at the beginning.
· Massage preventive clinic: is used in biological regeneration. It gives excellent results in the treatment of injuries, it has a positive effect on the changes caused damaged or disappearing tissues. It uses techniques of therapeutic massage, lymphatic massage, acupressure and other varieties of therapeutic massage.

“Movement is able to replace almost any drug, but no drug can not replace movement”
Wojciech Oczko

If you practice different sports professional or amateur, or your job requires a lot of physical effort, it is a massage for you. Helps to reduce muscle tension, eliminate contractures, accelerates the regeneration of your body.

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