LuksMasaz Company Ltd. specializes in the following services physiotherapy:

• Massage,
• Physiotherapy in orthopedic disorders,
• Physiotherapy for cancer patients,
• Physiotherapy pain in the spine, and not only,
• Treatments abolishing functional disorders of the body,
• Correction treatment pathological posture,
• Treatments and prevention in the field of wellness,
• Slimming treatments,
• Relaxation procedures,
• Personal trainer.

The implementation of these programs, physiotherapy, I use various forms of massage, physiotherapy, manual therapy and physical therapy. More about these methods, you will find a in the tab next.

What are the benefits you get by using my offer?

 – Health, relaxation, well-being, joy of life,
– A wide range of treatments, preventive and beauty, thanks to find the best treatment for themselves,
– Properly selected cosmetics and relaxing music for the massage,
– Individually programmed and conducted rehabilitation.

Treatments doing well at the customer:

  In your home, office, hotel room. Thanks to this, I assure you the convenience and time savings and a sense of security and comfort.

The main advantages of massage services and rehabilitation of transport to the customer:

 – The best solution for people who do not have time to take care for their own health,
– Save time and convenience, thanks to the treatments performer in your home, hotel room or office.
– You gain time for family and friends, without having to lose it for commuting on crowded Szczecin and standing in traffic jams,
– You enjoy the comfort, peace and security, using the procedures in your own home,
– Do not lose the comfort and quality of the treatment as a massage performed on a professional massage table, such as in offices.

Treatments at the customer, doing in Szczecin and surrounding areas (up to 20 km from the city center). With more commuting spaces individually set price list.

physiotherapist CorkIndividual planning physiotherapy treatments (medical rehabilitation), I choose and I join with each individual method (eg. Therapeutic exercise, massage, electroacupuncture and kinesiology taping) to the greatest extent possible to obtain the effectiveness of the rehabilitation program! If, after a series of treatments does not have the expected results, reprograms conducted physiotherapy.

I use treatments of the highest quality equipment and, if necessary, cosmetics reputable companies. Thanks, supported by knowledge-intensive physical fitness and accuracy and patience, I guarantee complete satisfaction with my services.

Feel free to deeper familiarize yourself with treatments offered in the field of medical rehabilitation.


 Give a massage person close to you!

a massage 1Massage is a wonderful and original gift! So if you’re looking for an original gift for people you love, that order for  her massage. Order pass for the selected type of massage or a single treatment. It can be a gift offered to celebrate a birthday, anniversary special event in your life, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other occasions. I am convinced that gifted such a surprise a loved one will be very grateful to you and appreciate your creativity and concern for her.

Massage is also a great surprise for a bachelorette party (offer only for women). This moment of relaxation will allow her to forget about the stress of preparing for a wedding.