Honey Massage

Honey massage is a procedure that extracts toxins accumulated in the body from the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, joints and internal organs, thanks to the astringent properties of honey toxins. Honey massage cleans better as a sauna or peeling, opening the pores makes the skin breathes better, it is toned and supple.

Honey massage effectively eliminates muscle aches, states colds, acne. Perfect for diseases of the joints. It is also recommended when problems with pressure, hold-ups lymph and insomnia. It is used in slimming and anti-cellulite – breaks down fat and reduces cellulite. Acts as a natural mask nutrition for our body. It reduces stress, relaxes. You can perform this “sweet” massage as a treatment of the whole body or partial treatment.

Honey has a unique feature – a healthy area of the lubrication simply absorbed, while the patient places a massage mined dirty gray liquid, not resembling honey – maybe then we suggest that there was an imbalance energy.

In addition to the general contraindications for massage, massage with honey should not be performed in case of intolerance of honey and bee products, and diabetes.

“Respect health properly, because if you die – lose a life”
Aleksander Fredro

Are you in a pleasant way – a very energetic yet relaxing, cleanse your body of toxins? Do you want to nourish, smooth and more flexible your skin? If so, I recommend honey massage.

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