1. Prices for retail customers in Poland:

Manual Medicine

Treatments 30min 45min 60min
Manual Therapy Of Soft Tissues. 200zł/50€ 250zł/63€ 300zł/75€
Manual Therapy: Osteopathy – Chiropractic.** 1 session 15 min. 300zł/75€


Treatments 30min 45min 60min 90min
Relaxing Massage, *
Massage Classic,
Lymphatic Drainage,
Face Massage,
Honey Massage, **
Chinese Cupping Massage,
Hot Stone Massage, **
130zł/33€ 170zł/43€ 210zł/53€ 280zł/70€
Medical Massage,
Segmental Massage,
Sports Massage,
Acupressure Feet,
Slimming-Modeling Massage.
130zł/33€ 170zł/43€ 210zł/53€ 280zł/70€

* A gentle massage with lots of fragrant oils, with soothing music – an offer only for women.
** Treatments not doing the commute options to the customer.

Natural Medicine

Kinesiology taping,
Rehabilitation taping.
To 50cm – 40z/10€ To 100cm – 80zł/20€
Auriculotheraphy–Ear acupuncture, 1 session – 80zł/20€
Dry Needling, Acupuncture, 1 session – 120zł30€
Cupping Theraphy,** 1 session – 100zł/25€
Honey Theraphy,** 1 session – 120zł/30€
Sollux.** 1 session – 50zł/13€

Ear acupuncture – an additional payment of only 40zł/10€, when the procedure is attached to another treatment from the offer.
** Treatments not doing the commute options to the customer.

“Who heals free – for nothing cures; Who heals in vain – for free cures.”
The medieval Jewish wisdom

Movement Rehabilitation – Kinesitheraphy

Treatments 30min 45min 60min
Individual kinetic therapy,
100zł/25€ 150zł/38€
Outline of exercises. 1 package 50zł/13€

Additional fees:

◾ The access to 20km from the center of Szczecin (Square Rodła) – 40zł/10€
◾ The access to 30km from the center and outside the administrative boundaries of Szczecin (if the distance does not exceed 20km from the city center) – 60zł/15€
◾ For additional commuting apply individually set price list.
◾ The visits outside regular working hours from Monday to Friday and Days of Christmas-twice the rate in force.
◾ Extra charge for metered parking in the area – 10zł/2,5€ for one hour.

*** 1€ = 4zł.

“The doctor, who did not take anything, not worth anything.”
The medieval Jewish wisdom

2. Prices for clients in the EU is determined individually – depending on the duration of the contract.