Slimming Massage

Modeling massage (slimming), lies in the breakdown of tissues (cells) fat using appropriate techniques as intensive grinding, kneading and patting. This massage accelerates the metabolic processes in cells – increases fat burning – slimming and figure modeling, by replacing the fat muscles, which makes your body becomes firm and elastic. This type of massage is also used in the fight against cellulite. This massage is one of the most important and effective complementary treatments and slimming. The best results, in conjunction adequate – healthy – diet and exercise. To enhance the effect of this massage uses special creams and olives

“The best way to stay healthy not to eat when you do not want to stop and eat when there is still the desire to eat”
Bertrand Saadi of Shiraz

If you are looking for a treatment that effectively will help you in the fight against overweight and reduce the circuits of the body, which will make the skin on your shoulders, hips, stomach and thighs will be firmer and supple, this is the best treatment for you.

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