1. Prices for retail customers in Poland:

Treatments 30min 45min 60min 90min
Personal trainer. 50zł/13€ 70zł/18€  90zł/23€ 130zł/33€
Individual kinetic therapy,
60zł/15€ 80zł/20€ 100zł/25€ 140zł/35€
Manual Soft Tissue Therapy.
100zł/25€ 140zł/35€  180zł/45€  260zł/65€ 
Relaxing Massage, * 50zł/13€ 70zł/18€ 90zł/23€ 130zł/33€
Massage Classic,
Lymphatic Drainage,
Acupressure Feet,
Honey Massage, **
Chinese Cupping Massage,
Hot Stone Massage, **
Japanese massage.
60zł/15€ 80zł/20€ 100zł/25€ 140zł/35€
Medical Massage,
Segmental Massage,
Sports Massage,
Slimming-Modeling Massage.
70zł/18€ 100zł/25€ 130zł/33€ 190zł/48€
Kinesiology taping,
Rehabilitation taping.
 10cm – 2€  20cm – 4€  50cm – 10€ 100cm – 20€
Outline of exercise. 1 package – 10zł/3€
 Sollux,** 1 treatment – 10zł/3€  
 Electrotherapy, ** 1 treatment – 15zł/4€
 Laser therapy,** 1 treatment – 15zł/4€
 Ultrasounds therapy, ** 1 treatment – 15zł/4€
 Magnetotherapy.** 1 treatment – 15zł/4€

* A gentle massage with lots of fragrant oils, with soothing music – an offer only for women.
** Treatments not doing the commute options to the customer.
*** 1€ = 4zł.

“Who heals free – for nothing cures; Who heals in vain – for free cures.”
The medieval Jewish wisdom

Additional fees:

◾ The access to 10km from the center of Szczecin (Square Rodła) – 0zł/0€
◾ The access to 20km from the center and outside the administrative boundaries of Szczecin (if the distance does not exceed 20km from the city center) – 20zł/5€
◾ For additional commuting apply individually set price list.
◾ The visits outside regular working hours (Monday – Friday from 10.00 to 20.00) and Days of Christmas-twice the rate in force.
◾ Extra charge for metered parking in the area – according to the applicable tariff.
◾ Acupuncture of the ear and dry needling: 50-60 PLN for an individual procedure, or 10 PLN surcharge, when the procedure is included in manual therapy.

“The doctor, who did not take anything, not worth anything.”
The medieval Jewish wisdom

2. Prices for clients in the EU is determined individually – depending on the duration of the contract.