Mr. Janusz

Thanks to the massages performed by Mr. Łukasz, I forgot about the pain (I suffered from pain in the shoulder joint – limiting his mobility and back pain). Mr. Łukasz is a person compulsory, putting in his work a lot of heart and commitment. At the time of therapeutic massage treatments, he showed great knowledge and intuition. I did not expect that the results will come so quickly, I forgot about the pain. Again, I can work normally and perform many actions that have caused me pain.

Now I use a massage prophylactically. An additional advantage of the offer Mr. Łukasz is that the massage treatments are performing at my house, which is very convenient – I do not waste my time on the commute to the office.

 With full responsibility I recommend Mr. Łukasz as a massage therapist, I am convinced that it is the person who will meet your expectations.

Mr. Janusz – Eng. electrician, phone confirmation references through P. Łukasz, Szczecin 30.10.2007