Mr. Tadeusz

If I were to briefly characterize the quality of physiotherapy Mr. Łukasz Skrzypkowski, I would say: “full professionalism.” Already during the first contact, I noticed that Mr. Łukasz very serious about their profession. Exactly questioned me about all my ailments, examined the results of the research, both those that describe the state of my spine and how those related to my cancer.

Very extensive degenerative changes of the spine entail difficulty in movement. At the beginning of Mr. Łukasz offered me, however, a series of lymphatic drainage of the legs and kinesiotaping applied to the legs (I had also swollen lower limbs). Me a little surprised that he did not want to take a back massage, especially the lumbar what I asked him (because in this episode clearly felt severe pain). Mr. Łukasz said that he will take care of the spine, the written consent of your doctor (it was about making sure that there are no contraindications to treatment around the spine, in connection with a history of cancer). I thought it was a form of safety net but soon realized that it is also a manifestation of his professionalism. It’s just that the principle of Hippocrates: “primum non nocere”.

Tadeusz Wojtasik – pensioner, phone confirmation references through Mr. Łukasz, Szczecin 02.04.2014