Mrs. Julita

I am a 84 year old. It has long been know that, arthralgia and myalgia, faced not only older people, a great cure is a professional full body massage with therapeutic gymnastics-exercise. It is also very much appreciate to make contact with Mr. Łukasz Skrzypkowski – young, qualified, creating a nice feel, masseur and physiotherapist who treats his profession with great passion, acquisition and dignity as a vital duty.

In the interval of the last few months I gave up already 2 series of ten – 45 minutes treatments. You have to know that the Mr. Łukasz comes to treatments for a patient with a folding bed, which creates a huge convenience. It is very punctual. It has surprisingly lithe, say gold hands and fingers so the quality and precision of massage is unsurpassed. Each of his visit, during which he led the calisthenics and do a massage, a new portion of well-being and faith in their health and strength.

Julita Fedorowicz – the retired artist, tel. 91-31-43-996, Szczecin 02.03.2014