Mrs. Dominika

For several years I have back problems. I feel very strong pain. Massages by Mr. Łukasz brings me enormous relief. The pain disappears for several days. The skin becomes pleasantly soft and muscle tension disappears. Hands of the Mr. Łukasz can also reduce stretch marks and model figure. I used the services of other massage therapists, but their services do not give results.

Mr. Skrzypkowski able to listen to the needs of the patient, is gentle, conscientious, disposable. Still deepens their knowledge. The work is his passion. Most price of the effectiveness of treatments, which performs and that it does not perform massage on the strength (does not cause pain). Mr. Skrzypkowski is always smiling, and cultural understanding. I think that the price of its services is relatively low compared to the work involved and its quality.

Every time someone asks me about the massage therapist, I recommend Mr. Łukasz. Do not be afraid to massage. It is a pleasant procedure, which should experience. Ladies who have doubts related to the exercise of massage by a man, I assure you that these doubts will be dispelled after the first massage, and conversation with the Mr. Skrzypkowski. I would highly recommend!

Dominika Florczak – student, tel. 505 638 795, Szczecin 01.05.2010