Mrs. Leonarda

With massage I benefited because of back pain. After each surgery, I felt better and better – I had the impression, as if somebody took off back weight.

The massages performed by Mr. Łukasz, I value the most perseverance in their work as well as accuracy in performing the massage, so that the patient experienced pain relief, and it is so nice and pleasant.

A person who could get a massage performed by Mr. Łukasz certainly I would describe it as in the best light, ie. Would recommend p. Luke because he is very sympathetic. Although young but you can see that he has experience in what he does and this is definitely his passion. One senses it immediately after the first meeting. I think it does not matter who performs massage – man or woman, but it seems to me that a man, however, has a little more strength than a woman. Women should not be ashamed masseur man, because I have treated it as if I was at the doctor’s man, and there also need to undress. All my friends warmly recommend Mr. Łukasz and I hope it will benefit from its services.

Leonard Darowska – Economist, tel. 695-768-651, Szczecin 27.02.2008