Mrs. Krystyna

For reasons of completed surgery of the spine (2 times cervical, lumbar 4 times), I am forced to continuously benefit from rehabilitation. One of the most important treatments recommended by orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and rehabilitation is a massage of the entire spine.Using it for over six years, with all the responsibility to say that this is one of the most important treatments to restore the mobility of the body.

Mr. Łukasz met with a command over a year ago, when asked to carry out a 30 min massage. Currently, our meetings are very regular, usually once a week. After each treatment is improved by far my mobility. Disappear muscle tension in the cervical and lumbar. Significantly reduces the perception of pain in the area of the neck, shoulders and at the base of the head. Efficiently doing the movements of bending and straightening of the lumbar spine. Heavily muted pain is coming from irritation of the sciatic. With constant improvement, I have not ceased to work.

Mr. Łukasz, who helps me to maintain the good shape of the body, the person is extremely balanced, systematic, peaceful and discreet. It has a very knowledgeable, as a young person, both in terms of anatomical sciences and vocational training. Mr. Łukasz put in my view, in a row of extremely competent, professional, and for this infatuated with what is doing (and believe me, I have in this regard a wealth of experience).

I recommend to all people, both ladies how Gentlemen suffering from diseases of the spine, using even a few massages performed by Mr. Łukasz. Certainly you ask for more.
I wish you health, remain Yours faithfully.

ps. The letter is also signed by my husband Andrew (2 underwent operations lumbar spine), which also uses therapeutic massage treatments, conducted by Mr. Luke.

Krystyna Abramczyk – office worker, tel. 091-43-14-201, Szczecin 12.07.2007